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The Three of Us | Ore Agbaje-William

The Three of Us | Ore Agbaje-William

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The wife has it all. A big house in a nice neighborhood, a ride-or-die snarky best friend, Temi, and a devoted husband who loves her above all else—even his distaste for Temi.

One lazy afternoon, Temi comes over to drink wine and joke about the husband's shortcomings with the wife. But when the husband comes home and a series of confessions are made, the wife's two confidantes are suddenly forced to jockey for their positions, throwing everyone's integrity into question—and their long-drawn-out territorial dance, carefully constructed over years, into utter chaos. 

Told in three taut, mesmerizing parts over the course of one day, The Three of Us is a subversively comical, wildly astute, and painfully compulsive portrait of domestic life that explores the fine line between compromise and betrayal when it comes to ourselves and the people we're meant to love.

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