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Lonn Taylor

Marfa for the Perplexed | Lonn Taylor

Marfa for the Perplexed | Lonn Taylor

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Lonn Taylor's "Marfa for the Perplexed" is a book of essays concerning some of the most memorable people and events in the history of Marfa, Texas, Presidio County, and the surrounding area. Taylor, a native of Texas, worked as an historian at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. for almost twenty years. He is widely-admired for his incredible knowledge of Texas history and his charming, inquisitive style. 

In the words of Walter L. Buenger, Chief Historian at the Texas State Historical Association: "Lonn Taylor has provided newcomers and old timers with an affectionate guide to the history and folk lore of Marfa and the Big Bend country. Written with verve and an eye for the compelling character and revealing detail, 'Marfa for the Perplexed' is sure to charm and enthrall all who read it. I grew up in the Trans-Pecos, and this book took me back to days gone by and people dimly remembered. It will take you inside a special corner of the world."

Marfa for the Perplexed also features a foreword by Sterry Butcher, whose works have appeared in Texas Monthly, and is illustrated throughout by Avram Dumitrescu.

"Marfa for the Perplexed", 2018, 282 pp.

Designed by Kyle Schlesinger with cover art by Avram Dumitrescu

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