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Luis Camnitzer: The Hole Book | Luis Camnitzer

Luis Camnitzer: The Hole Book | Luis Camnitzer

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A handsomely designed picture-book for children and adults, The Hole Book explores the many meanings, associations and forms of holes in a delightful narrative of discovery. The book's narrator is an explorer full of questions and curiosity: "Some holes I dug myself. I poked my finger into slices of bread, sheets of paper, and the sand of beaches all over the world." When they grow up they become an explorer of holes, visiting caves, grottos, mineshafts, springs and cavities, making maps of their adventures. Failing to find any literature on the topic, they decided to write their own book celebrating holes.
Author Luis Camnitzer is a celebrated artist known for art that deconstructs accepted frameworks and exposes systems of power. In his first children's book, The Volume (2021), he created a beautiful book about space and spatiality. Here he continues to provoke wonder with appeal to people of all ages.

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