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Bob Dylan: Retrospectrum | Shai Baitel, Richard Prince

Bob Dylan: Retrospectrum | Shai Baitel, Richard Prince

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Spanning six decades, Retrospectrum showcases the development and range of Bob Dylan’s (born 1941) visual art in an array of mediums. His diverse creations include works made in oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, pastel, charcoal and sculpture in iron. Among the artworks presented in Retrospectrum are some of Dylan’s earliest ink sketches, first published in 1973’s Writings and Drawings, which illustrated and compiled Dylan's lyrics up to that date. These are shown alongside 2021's Mondo Scripto series, in which Dylan revisited some of his most renowned lyrics, hand-lettering and illustrating them. The book also features the iconic Train Tracks series; The New Orleans Series and The Asia Series (from 2012 and 2010 respectively), inspired by Dylan’s travels; works from his hugely popular The Beaten Path series (2015–present); and his iron sculptures created from found objects.

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