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All This Could Be Different | Sarah Thankam Mathews

All This Could Be Different | Sarah Thankam Mathews

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In spite of the recession that awaits her after college, Sneha earns enough at her grueling corporate job to begin to piece together a life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin—she forges friendships, falls headlong into her first love, and lends financial support to her parents back in India. 

But before long, trouble arrives. Painful secrets rear their heads; jobs go off the rails; evictions loom. It’s then that Sneha's best friend, Tig, drafts a radical solution to their problems, hoping to save them all.

A beautiful and capacious novel rendered in singular, unforgettable prose, All This Could Be Different is a wise, tender, and riveting group portrait of young people forging love and community amidst struggle, and a moving story of one immigrant’s journey to make her home in the world.

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