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We Wish You Luck | Caroline Zancan

We Wish You Luck | Caroline Zancan

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It doesn't take long for the students on Fielding campus to become obsessed with Hannah, Leslie, and Jimmy. The three graduate students are mysterious, charismatic, and brilliant. And they've quickly formed a tight, inaccessible union with each other. Leslie, glamorous and brash, has declared that she wants to write erotica and make millions. Hannah is quietly confident, loyal, and elegantly beautiful, and the person they all want to be. Jimmy is a haunted genius with no past. After Simone -- young and clever, a bestselling author and erstwhile model -- shows up as a visiting professor and clashes spectacularly with the trio, ruin reigns.

Love. Death. Revenge. all come to life as the students' fleeting and feverish time on campus unfolds. They came to study writing, to be writers, and this is the story they've woven together: of friendship and passion, of competition and envy, of creativity as love and loss and life.

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