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The Man Who Shot My Eyes Out is Dead | Chanelle Benz

The Man Who Shot My Eyes Out is Dead | Chanelle Benz

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In ten stories of impressive range, Chanelle Benz displays a staggering command of craft as she crisscrosses through time and space, from a sixteenth-century English monastery to the Wild West, to a modern-day blighted inner city, creating a complex mosaic of humanity. The characters in Benz's wildly imaginative collection are as varied as any in recent literature, subverting boundaries of race, gender, and class, but they share a thirst for adventure, which sends them rushing toward moral crossroads, becoming victims and perpetrators along the way. Riveting, visceral, and heartbreaking, these stories of identity, abandonment, and fierce love come together in a daring, arresting vision. Benz emerges on the scene as an indomitable talent and a brilliant new literary force.

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