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Housemates | Emma Copley Eisenberg

Housemates | Emma Copley Eisenberg

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 Bernie is a talented young photographer who has quit taking photographs in favor of drinking and drifting around Philadelphia. Leah is ambitious yet flailing grad student and journalist who must know the answer to every question. When Bernie replies to Leah's ad for a new housemate, they tentatively begin the kind of uncategorizable, queer relationship that can only flourish between two people who deeply understand each others' dreams and dissatisfactions. When Bernie's college professor dies in rural Pennsylvania and leaves her a complicated inheritance, Leah volunteers to accompany Bernie, turning the jaunt into a road trip with an ambitious mission: to document 2018 America in words and photographs. What ensues is a three-week journey through the state of Pennsylvania in which Bernie and Leah have eye-opening conversations with a wide-range of Americans, and develop a piercing intimacy that cracks each of them wide open. Ultimately, they create a joint work of genre-defying art that leaves them-and our nation-forever changed. 

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